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I’m so excited because I found out today that this little guy exists

He’s a Western Blind Snake and he looks like a very shiny earthworm



Mason is an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix (no wolf) up for adoption in Ashland, Oregon.

Thanks to to-broadwaysomeday for the submission!

Know of a wolfy-looking dog or wolfdog in need of a home? Submit to us!



I got a text from a number i didn’t recognise today and i sent them the ENTIRETY of the lotr: fellowship of the ring script

that isn’t even 1/20th of it IM LAUGHIN SO HARD

You are my hero.








This was the most incredible thing ive ever seen

holy shit

"thats not even a real fighting game" they say. 

This some dbz bullshit right here

if this isnt TAS im eating my copy of Smash 4

its TAS but its fucking AMAZING

Moments you realize you aren’t really that good as Smash Bros.

(Source: cydone)


  • Gruff men who get all soft and happy when they’re with you 
  • Big men with calloused hands who touch you like you’re something incredibly special 
  • Grumpy men who chuckle at your bad jokes 
  • Calm men who get protective and irrational and then pretend like they didn’t
  • Stoic men who look at you with gentle smiles on their face when you’re not looking at them with an expression that sort of says “I can’t believe s/he’s with me.” 

Notes on Character Design



Character design and drawing are tome-sized topics and even if I had all the answers (I don’t - I have a lot to learn), I’m not sure I could communicate them effectively. I’ve gathered some thoughts and ideas here, though, in case they’re helpful.

First, some…